Life's 3 Essentials

I’ve been avoiding this journal entry for months. Mainly because we’ve been so busy that I’m sick of hearing myself say it... So busy, that when people ask what we’ve been up to, it’s hard to respond. The broken-record of busy.

BUT - - we intentionally left our calendar open for July and August so we could enjoy a bit of Summer - - and so far, it’s been glorious and restful… and challenging. Forcing oneself to slow down can be scary. But it’s essential. In that time of S L O W N E S S is where the magic happens… the rejuvenation, the healing, the re-inspired YOU. It can be a time of reflection… the chance to process and evaluate where you are - where you’re heading… or it can be a time to binge watch your favorite Netflix series and eat potato chips - - if you want.

Lucky for us, Plum Nelli is in the business of offering what we call “Life’s 3 Essentials.”

A place to rest,

Pure and Simple Food,


Creative Play.

Simple as that. Nothing revolutionary… not ground-breaking in the least. But it’s needed. Imperative, in fact. Without it we become slaves to the to-do list… life uninspired. We find more and more, that guests are needing just these three things. So come - take a nap. Cook yourself some simple, delicious meal (maybe some of our pasture raised eggs, with yolks like you’ve ever seen)… treat yourself to an art retreat.

And while we encourage everyone who sets foot onto our homestead to carve out the time for the 3 essentials: that rest, nourishment, and play - - it only makes sense to practice what we preach! So, we’re off for a walk on the beach. Dane’s cooking dinner tonight. And yes, there may be some Netflix in our future ;)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What’s your favorite way to indulge in life’s 3 essentials? Please tell us in the comments below!