farm-stays & creative retreats on an island  in the Pacific Northwest

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Pure + Simple

Plum Nelli is about the little things - the things that give life beauty and joy. It's about the time to sit with those very things, fully appreciating their magnitude. 

In a world that demands us to be faster, better, wired in, more, more, more...

Plum Nelli is like a warm pat on the knee -- coaxing us to unplug, slow down... Dare we say it, Relax. 

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Plum Nelli is about rest -- removing the distraction and just allowing yourself to be. A nap in the hammock by the cherry tree, the sweet fragrance of flowers beside your bed, or getting up just as the sun rises to listen to the world wake around you.

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Plum Nelli is about nourishment. During your stay here, we invite you to nourish your body with homegrown, home cooked meals, and nourish your senses by enjoying the land: from our back pasture and gardens to the nearby forests, beaches and mountains. 

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Plum Nelli is about having the time and space away from distraction to explore your creative desires... Because yes, we're all creative, my darling. Its about making something... With an idea and your own two hands.


"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." 

-Lao Tzu

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Marrowstone Island


Our property is situated on Marrowstone, a tiny island in the Pacific Northwestern state of Washington.

Learn more about our farm.