farm-stays & creative retreats on an island  just off the Olympic Peninsula

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Pure + Simple

Plum Nelli is a micro-farmstead offering farm-stays and creative retreats, with an emphasis on pure and simple living. We host an artist residency program one month out of the year and offer pop-up art, wellness and food events. We also host weddings, family reunions, and more... 

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Remove the distraction and just allow yourself to be. A nap in the hammock by a cherry tree, the sweet fragrance of flowers beside your bed, or getting up just as the sun rises to appreciate the world waking around you. Plum Nelli is a place to truly rest.

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During your stay here, we invite you to nourish yourself with pure and simple food - fresh from our garden or from one of many local farms; and nourish your senses by connecting with the land - from our back pasture and gardens to the nearby forests, beaches and mountains. 

l dief rose oil painting at plum nelli


Plum Nelli allows you the time and space, away from distraction, to explore your unique creative desires... Because yes, we're all creative, darling. Plum Nelli is about making something... with an idea and your own two hands. We firmly believe creative play is an essential key to happiness. 


"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." 

-Lao Tzu

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Marrowstone Island

Our property is situated on Marrowstone, a tiny island in the Pacific Northwestern state of Washington. There is a bridge connecting M.I. to the "main land." 

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