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Enjoy the splendor of farm life and the nature of the Pacific Northwest with a stay at Plum Nelli. Given our place is a working homestead, you'll often find farm-type projects going on. Its rustic and wild, delightfully un-manicured. Feel free to explore the outdoor spaces of our 4.5 acres as you desire... build an outdoor fire, pick apples from the orchard, watch the chickens scratch around, pet our goats Burt and Ollie, or picnic in our pasture - just make sure to close any gates behind you. 

Simple farm living.

Stay in the rustic Singing Frog Cabin, our charming birds-eye view apartment called The Roost, or coming soon - - the Shepherd's Hut! We also offer an Artist Residency program during the colder months of the year. 

Singing Frog Cabin

Singing Frog Cabin acquired its name from the small "frog pond” just in front of its porch. The cabin's downstairs interior is a cozy living space with table for a few and a day-bed that doubles as accommodation for an extra guest. A small kitchenette comes equipped with a large sink, toaster oven, electric cook pan, electric kettle, mini fridge and dishes and towels. Guests often receive fresh farm eggs and if its available, a small sample of in-season produce. The cabin's loft space holds a queen sized bed, and the "bathroom" is simple with a toilet and a shower with a 7 gallon hot water tank. Enjoy the outdoor fire pit and small grill for outdoor cooking.

During the colder months, you can warm the cabin with the old wood burning stove and oil and electric heaters.  

No Wifi access. The perfect place to unplug.

Reserve your stay via our Airbnb listing or contact us for direct booking (with a discount). 

The Roost

The Roost acquired its name from its location perched up on the second floor and overlooking the farm. The apartment has a sitting porch that makes the perfect spot to enjoy morning coffee or an evening meal. It also has a lovely light-filled living space with comfortable chairs, daybed and dining table for 4. The cozy bedroom features a queen size bed, lounge chair, dresser and walk-in closet. The full kitchen includes a huge cast-iron farm-house sink overlooking the porch and farm. But perhaps our favorite feature of the apartment is the bathroom's clawfoot tub, perfect for soaking after a long day of exploration on the island.  

Heat is electric, and a fan provided for summer time stays. 

No Wifi access. The perfect place to unplug.

Reserve your stay via our Airbnb listing or contact us for direct booking (with a discount).

What a truly fantastic little slice of Americana nestled on the beautiful island of Marrowstone. If you are looking for an energy reboot I would highly recommend this place...the night’s sky is like a star map and the tranquility - second to none. I am sure I will be back in the near future.
— Jared: Richmond, Canada