apples on the tree at plum nelli washington homestead farm

Your Hosts



A graphic designer by trade, Kathryn pays attention to the details. She makes the floral arrangements and handwritten notes that greet guests upon their arrival. She thinks of an extra dash of an ingredient that will make supper that much more enjoyable. She can usually be found handling daily operations at Plum Nelli - from bookings to cooking.


Dane can often be found observing our bees, weeding the garden, wrangling chickens, or fixin' fence, usually whistling while he works. He grew up farming cotton, peanuts and hay - has worked as a travel X-Ray tech and radiation therapist - and now brings his agricultural skills and general happy-go-lucky-ness to managing our homestead's property and small-scale food production.

Land Management

Our crew includes: 

Minnie Pearl, the lovable farm dog... from keeping coyotes at bay to greeting each guest as they arrive, this gal takes her job very seriously!

Taz the cat keeps the mice and voles at bay…

Our sometimes mischievous Nubian-boy goats Burt + Ollie (if you catch them in the garden, holler!)...

And, a rotating flock of chickens and turkeys.

dane bee keeper at plum nelli
Kathryn Roberts Plum Nelli Farm Apples Washington
The cabin was completely idyllic and everything we were looking for in a long weekend away from the city... beautiful sunsets... wood stove... amenities were just right! We explored the island, nearby Port Townsend and Chimicum, and enjoyed petting their goats and puppy. And of course, the frog sang us to sleep at night, just as advertised. We hope to be back for sure!
— Kathy: Seattle, WA