Let Them Eat Cake

plum nelli homemade heart cake

Sometimes you just have to slow down…. my nephew is visiting for the Summer. Shortly after picking him up from the airport, our truck broke down. I-5, nightfall, cars whizzing by – and there we were motionless. Sometimes you’re forced to slow down.

It took us 3 hours to be towed home… our truck is heavy, and it was dark, and the tow driver refused to breech the speed limit. But that was OK, because sometimes you just have to slow down.

And that pace has continued… with back to back “inn” guests, farm chores, gardens teeming; life is ever-abundant in the long summer. The pace never-ending, but one we set.

Ben has been requesting for days now to make a cake. And I’ve been trying to find the appropriate time to “fit it in.” Sometimes you must slow down. And somewhere between repairing a truck, and remodeling a studio, and harvesting favas and cherries, and launching a business, and tending to animals and new chicks and misbehaving puppies…

Well, you just slow down. And bake cake.