Ok, ok… I know this might come across as a little “crazy cat lady” – but, how can I pretend our furry family member’s birthdays are not a big deal? I mean, just look at them! 

This week we celebrated Minnie Pearl’s first birthday and Maple’s second. Maple showed up in the Fall of 2014, just as Dane and I were discussing getting a barn kitty. I came home from errands one day to discover four little heads peeking out from under the big barn door. (Ask and you shall receive, right?) Before long, Maple decided she no longer wanted to live in our barn with her siblings, so she took to howling by our back door at 5 in the morning… she much preferred life closer to the house, where she might score a little nip of milk or salmon. And she was so little. Needless to say, barn cat quickly turned into inside-outside-I-do-whatever-I- want cat. We named her Maple because she became a part of our family just as the beautiful maple leaves were turning, which happened to be October.

Minnie Pearl also joined the family in the month of October, just a year later. The decision to get a farm dog was an easy one… all it took was one look into those sweet eyes, and we were hooked. Maple was not so sure however.  (We know Minnie’s exact birthday to be August 28th, and by the vet’s calculations of Maple’s age when she showed up we decided they share a birth day. Easy peasy!)

So naturally, we took our big girl out for an ice cream cone, and a swim to celebrate. (Don’t worry, the ice cream and cream are rare treats for our furry family members.) She also went for a full swim at Teal Lake… another first. Minnie has never fully committed to swimming in the Sound. We can only assume the cold water was what held her back, because this time she went all in – swimming around like a mad woman! It was a hoot to watch. When we returned home, Maple had a bit of cream and tuna juice and of course, got lots of forced hugs. It was a good day 

Below is a comparison of a year’s difference in our furry girls. Trust me, this was not easy recreating… As I said before, cats do what they want!

Cheers, xo

maple and minnie before and after