Plum Nelli is about the pure and simple things in life... the sharing of a meal, the comfort and warmth of a bed to rest, the time and space to explore an idea. Its about creating and the process... and trusting just that. Its about connection -- with each other and our surroundings. 

Its a blend of a few simple things that for us, give life value: rest, nourishment, and creative play. These 3 essentials are exactly what we offer.

honey bees on plum nelli island farm in washington state


Plum Nelli is about rest -- removing the distraction and just allowing yourself to be. A nap in the hammock by the cherry tree, the sweet fragrance of flowers beside your bed, or getting up just as the sun rises to listen to the world wake around you. We make the beds, you take the naps. 


A handful of perfectly ripened berries, fresh eggs with the firmest, most yellow yolks you've ever seen, sunshine on your shoulders as you harvest lunch. Pick food fresh from the garden, or let us prepare a group meal for you and your friends. 


Whether its a dinner or event, a creative intensive or retreat, Plum Nelli offers the time and space away from distraction to explore your desires. Its about making something - with an idea and your own two hands.

homegrown garden flower arrangement at plum nelli
bungalow cabin at sunset at plum nelli
farm wedding outdoor dinner string lights at plum nelli farm wedding house

and while you're here... won't you stay a while?

Perfect little space to go and hear your thoughts and the thoughts of your lover! Easy to get to, surrounded by beauty.
— Jameson: Lynnwood, WA