Du jardin a la table:A 3-day pastel intensive

Oct. 4, 2018 || Pastel Laboratory || $100.00

Oct. 5th-7th || 3-day intensive || $325.00

From many years of teaching and directing La Bonne Etoile Artist Retreat, painter Kippy Hammond has learned that many passionate artists are frustrated with their results because of some very simple fundamentals they were never taught, or forget to use in their creative endeavors.

In a beautiful farm setting on the magical Marrowstone Island, we’ll work through some of those fundamentals that are so important to progressing as a painter, all while delighting in the bountiful Fall harvest with our tastebuds! We'll pick apples and pears from the homestead's trees, and harvest items from the garden - both for painting and eating. 

DAY 1: Subject will be shapes. Using the garden and orchards as our subject matter, we’ll cover the basics in en plein air. We’ll then take what can sometimes feel like an immense amount of information and wrestle it down to 3-5 large shapes for the composition.

DAY 2:  Subject will be focal point and movement in a painting. After gathering subject matter from the garden/orchard, we’ll set up still lifes using rules of placement to manipulate the viewers eye and to strengthen the composition using various traditional guidelines.

DAY 3: Subject will be designing with a purpose. Using the harvest to set up a narrative, we’ll tell a visual story.  Examples: cooking, chopping, table-setting...  we’ll discuss how to use a theme or repetition of a subject to add consistency to your portfolio.

Additionally, we’ll share in the harvest each day with a delicious farm-to-fork meal... space is limited, so please reserve your spot today! Join us!

This retreat is appropriate for all levels of pastel painters. If you are a beginner, we highly recommend you participate in the PASTEL LABORATORY | Thursday, OCT. 4 | $100. In this evening laboratory we’ll gather our pastel ‘tools’, and a have a quick and fun once-over of the fundamentals in pastel. Materials are included in this evening, and will be followed by libations!

To sign up, submit your payment via the linked button below, and send a confirmation email to [email protected] From there, you will receive a welcome email in return, with additional details! 

 Pastel still life, artist Kippy Hammond.

Pastel still life, artist Kippy Hammond.

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**Cancellation policy: you’re able to cancel completely within 30 days from the date we received your reservation. After that, you may be refunded 50% of you payment up until 60 days of workshop 1. After that, space reservation is non-refundable.**