Gorgeous moth inside artist Neile Cooper's GLASS CABIN. 

Gorgeous moth inside artist Neile Cooper's GLASS CABIN. 


Two back-to-back weekend workshops offering instruction in stained glass to beginner's. $175 per weekend, lunch included. Or, $300 for both weekends.

PREVIEW & POP-UP SHOP.... SEPT 21 & 28 [4 pm - 7 pm, both Fridays]

Meet the visiting artist/instructor, discuss her work, and have an opportunity to purchase and be inspired!


On day one of this class students will learn pattern preparation, glass cutting, soldering and more, while making a simple suncatcher. Armed with our new skills, we will set out to forage for materials on the gorgeous Plum Nelli grounds, and nearby. Back in the studio on day two, Neile will instruct you on building a stained glass box featuring your found treasure. This class is great for first timers or those looking for a refresher.


In this session, new or returning students will explore the unique limitations and advantages of designing for stained glass. The group will explore the beautiful grounds of Plum Nelli, armed with our sketchbooks and cameras. Returning to the studio, Neile will guide you through turning your sketches or photos into a small stained glass window, from pattern design to glass selection, construction and finishing.  This class is ideal for students returning from the Introduction class or those with some experience, but beginners are also welcome!

*** Both workshops begin at 9:30 am, includes an hour for lunch, and ends roughly at 4:30. Space is limited to 10 participants, so claim your spot today! We look forward to seeing you there!

To sign up, click either button above for payment, and then send a confirmation email to [email protected] From there, you will receive a welcome email in return, with additional details. 


Some students may have some of these supplies already, others will have none. Please contact Neile with questions you may have regarding items needed: [email protected] 

Below are options for different budgets.  The total cost on the low end is approx. $150. Plum Nelli will be providing the glass grinder for the workshops, but you will want to purchase your own if you plan to continue your practice at home. All of the items in the materials section can be shared, so if you are coming with a friend or two, you'll only need to buy one bottle of polish, for example. Neile will have a small glass selection, but also recommends each student purchase a few favorite sheets.... contact Neile for more guidance on this!

Essential tools:

• Pattern shears FOIL ($10.95) https://www.delphiglass.com/tools-supplies/pattern-making-supplies/studio-pro-foil-shears

• Glass cutter. Carbide tip. (I’ll bring a selection of cutters as well.) ($19.95) https://www.delphiglass.com/glass-cutters-tools/glass-cutters/studio-pro-acrylic-glass-cutter

• Breaking pliers/grozers ($9.95) https://www.delphiglass.com/glass-cutters-tools/pliers-nippers/3-8-breaker-grozer-pliers

• Soldering iron: Iron, stand and temperature controller ($89.95) https://www.delphiglass.com/soldering-supplies/soldering-irons-tips/weller-complete-soldering-station Or the Hakko FX-601 with built in temperature controller ($76.95) https://www.delphiglass.com/soldering-supplies/soldering-irons-tips/hakko-fx-601-soldering-iron Other soldering irons will also need a rheostat to control the temperature.

Optional additional tools:

• Running pliers ($7.95) https://www.delphiglass.com/glass-cutters-tools/pliers-nippers/studio-pro-lightweight-running-pliers

• Soldering iron stand ($14.95) https://www.delphiglass.com/soldering-supplies/supplies-accessories/studio-pro-iron-stand

• Glass grinder. Plum Nelli studio will provide one for shared use, but you will eventually want one for future use at home. A great economical choice is the Gryphon ($139.95) https://www.delphiglass.com/grinders-accessories/glass-grinders/gryphon-studio-grinder

Materials: all can be shared with your friend/classmates

• Copper foil, 7/32” ($6.95) https://www.delphiglass.com/copper-foil-supplies/copper-foil/7-32-copper-lined-foil-1-0-mil

• Solder, 60/40 ($15.45) https://www.delphiglass.com/soldering-supplies/solder/mastercraft-60-40-solder-1-lb

• Flux ($7.95) https://www.delphiglass.com/soldering-supplies/flux-finishing-chemicals/novacan-old-masters-flux-8-oz

• Polish ($18.95) https://www.delphiglass.com/soldering-supplies/flux-finishing-chemicals/stained-glass-finishing-compound-12-oz

• Glass– A small selection will be provided for you, but do browse your favorite supplier for a few sheets (approx. 10” x 10”) of your favorite colors and textures. Odds and Ends: (these will be provided for you in class, but you will need as you set up your home studio)

• Wire, pushpins, flux brushes, patinas, cutter oil, other copper foil options, windex, soldering iron tip cleaner, x-acto knife…

Recommended suppliers:

Links and prices provided above are for Delphi, a trusted supplier. I also recommend: Your local Seattle stained glass shop https://www.seattlestainedglass.com Or online shopping at https://warnerartglass.com/ http://edhoy.com/ http://www.glasscrafters.biz

Also Bring: Sketchbook, favorite pencils and drawing pens, camera Eye protection, closed toes shoes recommended

**Cancellation policy: you’re able to cancel completely within 30 days from the date we received your reservation. After that, you may be refunded 50% of you payment up until 60 days of workshop 1 (July 22). After that, space reservation is non-refundable.**